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The Richard Royal Cats Persian, black tea Tin Caddy - 20 pyramids

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The Richard Royal Cats Persian, black tea Tin Caddy - 20 pyramids

Richard Royal Cats Persian at wholesale price. 12 tea tins in a box.

Cats in the United Kingdom are officially on Her Majesty's Service. The fluffy employees are called upon to hunt mice at the Buckingham Palace, thus they are deserving considered to be royal animals.

Perhaps no other cat looks quite so suited to royalty as the Persian, with its beautiful, silky long hair and imperious flat face. Loved by its devotees for centuries, the Persian is more discriminating than most other breeds about whether to love back. But if you are patient and treat it with gentle dignity, the Persian will be your loyal lifetime companion.

Collect all members of The Royal Cats family!

Funny and amusing gifts with the collectible design, our tea tins make the ideal personalised gift for him or for her – for any friend with this particular breed of dog or cat!

Product range: classic loose leaf black tea in pyramids

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea 

Brewing instructions: Pour boiling water (100 ° C) over 1 pyramid, brew for 4 minutes.

Сompound:  12 tea tins in a box

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