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Buy tea, get NFT

Accustom thyself to Cats&Dogs royalty with an exquisite touch of aristocracy and cordial manners

Richard Royal Cats&Dogs NFTea

Special set dedicated to the launch of the NFT Collection by RICHARD. Taste the premium quality tea and get a unique digital asset!
Set includes 5 Tins + NFT

Get NFT for free on Solana
ntf card richard

NFT Pass Features

Enter an Exclusive Community

The Cats&Dogs NFTs grant their holder an access key to the prestigious Royal NFTea Club. Take part in mannerist tea ceremonies in an elite social circle that values respect and the finer things in life. Participate in the development of the brand on equal footing within this elite community of select aristocrats. Keep calm and drink tea.

Branded Products

All Cats&Dogs NFT holders will gain access to a special tea set from the Richard Royal Cats&Dogs collection – a combination of excellence and craft embodied in an exquisite masterpiece that highlights the eloquence and sophistication of its owner. Now this is real quali-tea.

Web3 Red Carpet

Each Cats&Dogs NFT rolls out the red carpet for its holder to access whitelists, mints of ensuing collections for free, and personalized trading services. Just don’t dip the biscuit for too long.



Cats&Dogs NFTs of Celestial level rarity are signs of unattainable excellence and manners that can only be matched by their grace and splendor.


Cats&Dogs NFTs of Royal rarity are hallmarks of style and refinement that make their holders stand out as select individuals of status.


Cats&Dogs NFTs of the Noble level of rarity will highlight their holders’ sophisticated tastes and manners in a truly graceful fashion.


Follow the instruction

All willing to enter the community of lavish Cats&Dogs NFTs holders will have two options for purchasing their unique digital assets.


Option 1 – Redirect to the purchase section via the given PAGE and follow the step-by-step instructions received via email on how to create a Phantom wallet. Send your wallet account details in the provided Submission form and receive the NFT of choice.


Option 2 – Access the MagicEden NFT Marketplace and sign up for an account. Pass the registration procedure and find the Royal Cats&Dogs collection on MagicEden for immediate pre-order NFTs. Expect an official announcement of the NFT mint from Cats&Dogs in the collection’s official channels.



What will I get when I buy?

Purchasing this promo set you will get 5 Tins of Ceylon Black Tea and a Limited NFT "Richard Royal NFTea Club Pass" on the Solana blockchain.
First thing, you get the set of 5 Metal Tins with Ceylon Black Tea by Richard. Second, right after purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your NFT for Free (No gas fees or commissions).

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a unique asset released on the blockchain that ensures complete protection of its holder’s ownership rights. Each NFT is a digital representation of the asset it is tethered to and can be purchased, sold, transferred, admired, or used as per the scenario prescribed in its utility.

Why buy NFTs?

NFTs are collectibles of art and other forms that bear intrinsic and perceived value that is translated into their price on the market via their attributes and levels of rarity. NFTs also act as access keys to various Web3 services and platforms.

What is an NFT collection mint?

The ‘mint’ is the term used for the release of NFTs on their respective blockchains. Each time an NFT is created, it is minted and its records are hashed into the distributed ledger in an immutable fashion with all the relevant data pertaining to that asset, including the owner, its qualities, unique address, and others.

How can I buy and receive the Cats&Dogs NFTs?

In order to purchase the Cats&Dogs NFTs, create a Phantom wallet by following the given LINK ( Follow the instructions provided by the application to create a wallet account. Purchase the Cats&Dogs NFTs on the project’s official website, or through the MagicEden NFT Marketplace.

Do I need to pay gas fees?

Yes, all purchases of NFTs entail a commission in the form of gas on the blockchain. The given measure is necessary to pay blockchain transaction commissions and ensure the minting and transfer of assets.

How can I create my own collection of Cats&Dogs NFTs?

The Cats&Dogs collection will include 15 unique framed images of posh canines and felines, each of which will be minted 103 times only. Avid collectors of the Cats&Dogs NFTs will gain access to unique privileges. For example, all admirers who collect all feline NFTs or 10 identical Corgi NFTs will be eligible to join the private NFTs Special Collectors Club that provides exclusive bonuses and opportunities.



Launch of Richard Royal Cats&Dogs NFT, allowing their owners to enter the exclusive community of royal quality tea lovers, collect exclusive tea tins and get access to free mints of future collections.


Launch of generative collection. Holders of the NFTs will participate in the development of the brand by voting on flavors and tea packaging designs. Web3 NFT utilities at launch will include staking, NFT calls, NFT burning, access to various Web3 services and much more.


Launch of the native Cats&Dogs metaverse, participation in brand development, and many other features. Roadmap 2.0 version release.

Buy tea, get NFT

Richard Royal Cats&Dogs NFTea

Special set dedicated to the launch of the NFT Collection by RICHARD. Taste the premium quality tea and get a unique digital asset!
Set includes 5 Tins + NFT


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Tea from the best plantations all over the world


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